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In the HOME tab you also have access to all of the files you previously saved (eAPIS manifest, eAPIS preview and General Declarations).

The Pilot/Passenger/Company tab allows you to create, edit, delete and also copy person or company’s information. The copy function will help you in the event you have several people with the same address or information. Unlike the Government eAPIS website, you don't have to reenter the same data several times. The copy function is also available for Airplanes and Manifests.

The AIRPLANE tab works the same way; you can add, edit, delete and copy information.

The FLIGHT tab is the last step before creating your documents. You can create, modify, delete, and copy a flight. The copy function will be helpful if you are flying the same leg several times; just modify the date of departure! Easy Air Journey saves all the previous information. Once you have created your flight, you can select it in the green column on the right hand side and click on the forms you want to create; and then click "save".

Lastly, return to the home page, select your eAPIS Manifest, review it, then click submit and your manifest will be instantly uploaded on the Department of Homeland Security server. You will receive a confirmation by email in the following minutes. Easy Air Journey is certified by the DHS for eAPIS manifest creations and submissions.

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