Welcome to Easy AirJourney

As of May 2009, every pilot flying an aircraft in and out of the United States is required to submit an eAPIS Manifest to the Department of Homeland Security. For nearly 15 years, Air Journey has been making pilot’s lives easier by organizing and leading journeys, literally around the world. Now, Air Journey has created Easy AirJourney, an approved online application available from any computer, allowing pilots to prepare eAPIS Manifests in an easier and faster way by saving all aircraft, pilot, passenger, and manifests information.
With Easy AirJourney you can also copy and invert manifests if you are flying the same legs back and forth, add and edit aircraft, pilot, and passenger’s information. In addition, we have added General Declarations forms needed to land into foreign countries. These "Gen Decs" will be completed automatically by creating an eAPIS Manifest. Checklists are also available for flying to the Bahamas, Caribbean, Cayman Islands, and Mexico.
With Easy Air Journey, you can now fly internationally without fearing complex government procedures.

Easy Air Journey is:
  1. An easier and faster way to create and modify a eAPIS manifests
  2. An automatic way to upload eAPIS Manifest, create General Declarations directly from the eAPIS manifest information
  3. Unlimited access to the up to date checklists for flying to the Bahamas, Canada, Cayman Islands and Mexico, to make sure you don’t forget any documents or paperwork
  4. An online application you can access from any computer in the world as long as you have an internet connexion

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Call or email your questions to ops@airjourney.com. For an immediate response or call us at +1 561 841 1551.